Someone Died Now What? a Youth Pastor's Survival Guide

Someone Died Now What? a Youth Pastor's Survival Guide

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So you are a Youth Pastor or Youth Worker, and someone dies. It could be the grandparent, or parent of a youth in your ministry. Or it could be a youth in your youth who is killed in a terrible accident, or it could be a student in a local high school or middle school. How will you respond to help the families, the individuals in your youth group or the youth in the local high school? Could it be that God has put you in the situation for a divine purpose? I think that is why you are reading this now. I donAca‚na„ct believe in accidents. IAca‚na„cd venture to guess that there is a reason behind why you are reading this even now! This is not the typical book for a youth pastor. But this book is about real life problems that happen everyday and in some way affects many of the youth in your group and could be a way to come to know others deeply in a matter of hours.There is a big black rhino breathing in the room. Everyone sees it, hears it, and feels its hoofs pound the floor. But, there is no way to approach the door. We feel trapped, afraid, and angry. The black rhino fills our thoughts but we do not speak anbsp;...

Title:Someone Died Now What? a Youth Pastor's Survival Guide
Author:Tom Morris - 2010-06


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