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Solongus is a full-length business novel, focused on the on-going automotive industry in the world. Thus, it is not a period novel on a€˜Turf Fight of Power.a€™ But it is an epitome of warlike competition on a global product that is a horseless carriage a€“ automobile. Currently, global automakers such as GM, Ford, Toyota, Volks Wagon, BMW, Benz, Renault, Fiat, Hyundai, Tata, Chinese Big Four, and other dark horses, are fiercely competing for the market share in the world to get the popularity from earthlings as if they were Pretenders to the throne in the world. Right here, their class acts in the borderless battlefield are portrayed art of war in the Heroic Age. In the book series, their versatile strategies and skilled tactics are also revealed under the shiny commercial slogans, of course, with their own chariots.And they help each other for mutual interest in Mexico under the brand of Chrysler; Verna Dodge for Hyundai Accent, Atos by Dodge for Hyundai Atos, Dodge H100 for Hyundai H100. Right here, they look to be buddybuddy, collaborators oranbsp;...

Author:Hwang, Kyu-ho
Publisher:Miss Busy -


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