Solaris 8 Security

Solaris 8 Security

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Solaris 8 Security covers all the concepts and issues Solaris 8 administrators need to know in order to make and keep their Solaris 8 systems secure. This includes not only Solaris 8 security tools and features, but such subjects as cryptography and defenses against known attacks and vulnerabilities. Readers learn practical, command-level defenses, such as: How to configure a secure DNS server What to do with /etc/inet/inetd.conf How to make IPsec work Why DES fails How to identify and prevent system compromises How not to configure sendmail How to automate security checkups The book provides a proactive approach to security. Coverage includes intrusion detection systems, network-level filtering, firewalls and other network-level systems.See nmap s manual for a complete overview. ... raw ICMP port-unreachable scanning a–i ICMP scanning a–i TCP ping scanning * Direct (non-portmapper) RPC scanning a–i Remote OS identification by TCP/IP fingerprinting a–i Reverse- IDENTanbsp;...

Title:Solaris 8 Security
Author:Edgar Danielyan
Publisher:New Riders Pub - 2002


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