Social Sci. (Geography) 7 (Rev.)

Social Sci. (Geography) 7 (Rev.)

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The books have been prepared on the basis of the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and the syllabus brought out by the NCERT in 2005. They encourage children to read, form their own opinions and learn the cause-and-effect relationship between events. Various sections To sum up , Histictionary , Archaeology Dig a Discover , A story from History , To meet , Elsewhere in the World and Let us surf enhance learning.The cirque is an armchair-like depression along the slope of the mountain. 4. The work of the ... How are ox-bow lakes formed? 4. How are flood ... Do. A. On an outline map of the world, mark and label the following. 1. Waterfalls a€” Salto Angelanbsp;...

Title:Social Sci. (Geography) 7 (Rev.)
Author:RK Jain
Publisher:Ratna Sagar -


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