Social Costs Today

Social Costs Today

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This book deals with the current crises from a somewhat different the usual perspectives. It claims that causes and policy implications of these crises cannot be properly assessed by focusing on allocative efficiency or income growth alone; it requires a more general approach, based on social costs. It does not deal with social costs according to the Pigouvian or the Coasian traditions. It draws on the work of Original Institutional Economics (OIE) such as Thorstein Veblen, Karl William Kapp, and Karl Polanyi, on Post-Keynesians such as Hyman Minsky and, in general, on authors who have provided insights beyond the conventional wisdom of economic thought.The MMFa#39;s regulatory activities are focused on developing and presenting the views of the mobile industry to regulatory ... Instead, it is little known that, from 2010, even cell phone manufacturers have begun to include warnings in their accompanying instructions about possible ... In addition, the safety manual of the Motorola W180 phone tells users to a#39;always keep the active device 2.54 cm (one full inch)anbsp;...

Title:Social Costs Today
Author:Wolfram Elsner, Pietro Frigato, Paolo Ramazzotti
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-06-25


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