So, You Want to Be a Wrestling Promoter ?

So, You Want to Be a Wrestling Promoter ?

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qSo You Want to be a Wrestling Promoter ?q, written by qThe Equalizerq Ric Drasin, is the most detailed book ever written about professional wrestling promoting. This book will inform the reader on the business aspects of owning and operating a wrestling company. There is a wealth of information on the Athletic Commission, insurance, liability, as well as tips on purchasing wrestling equipment such as title belts and rings. Everything you need to know to be a success in this sport is here. Not only is qThe Equalizerq a successful wrestler and actor but he has also operated a popular wrestling promotion in Southern California. Facts about Ric Drasin: - was Arnold Schwarzenegger's training partner for 4 years -designed the world famous Gold's Gym logo - was the 'Demi-Hulk' (the middle Hulk) on the Incredible Hulk television program - Won wrestling's World Title -Appeared in numerous television shows, motion pictures, commercials and print ads - operates the American Wrestling Federation - Created the Security Kat self defense device ( Included in this book, a new updated, more detailed No Chicken Guts for the Wrestling Soul REVISED by Bruce Collins. Two books in one ! WHAT CAN WRESTLING POSSIBLY OFFER YOU ? Many have found PRESTIGE(being in the limelight), MONEY (is your goal to be the next big promoter?), SEX APPEAL (chicks will dig your new profession!), and CONTROL (being the promoter/owner means doing it YOUR way)and this can be yours !!! Ric Drasin may charge over $1, 000 for this promoter's course at his training school but you can get ALL the facts for a miniscule price..unbelievably low ! Ever wanted to make $100, $500 or even $1, 000, $5, 000 or more per month doing something you love to do ? qSo, you want to be a wrestling promoter?q is the book for you ! Written by Ric qThe Equalizerq Drasin (an actor, wrestler and, this book is very detailed and walks the reader thru all of the nuances of promotions. Subjects range from the Athletic Commission, insurance issues, where to go to get a ring, a title belt, wrestling programs, how to contact the WWE's talent relations, wrestling newspaper columnists, wrestling websites, where to put your merchandise for sale on the web, how to create your own website, types of advertising, how to set up a card, best ways to sell tickets, what type of building to hold your event in, types of matches you can use, insider tips on employing wrestlers and much, much more ! This is the only book I've ever seen that has so much information in terms of becoming a wrestling promoter ! So many books are dedicated to wrestling but little on how to do it yourself. A MUST BUY. You won't regret it. If you want to know more about wrestling or are serious about owning your own promotion, you NEED this book ! It will give you the edge for success ! Highly recommended ! This book is going for $25.98 on (look it up)...but you can get it for half price here !!! How much would it be worth for you to start your career in wrestling today ? Invaluable ! PRICELESS !Check it out today.....Don't delay, start your dreams today ! TESTIMONIAL My name is Dwaine Henderson I am the owner of The Alabama Wrestling Federation out of Mobile, Alabama.I was recently browsing the net when I came across a message board that advertised a book qSo you want to be a wrestling promoter? q and qNo Chicken guts for the wrestling soulq by Bruce Collins.I followed the link to where it had a long write up describing the books.So I was thinking I would like to order these to read.So I ordered them and I was very impressed with all the information.The things I liked the most about the books.He started by telling you have to have the desire to be a wrestling promoter.And I believe that is a very true statement.I really enjoyed reading his personal experiences in the wrestlingaquot;So You Want to be a Wrestling Promoter ?aquot;, written by aquot;The Equalizeraquot; Ric Drasin, is the most detailed book ever written about professional wrestling promoting.

Title:So, You Want to Be a Wrestling Promoter ?
Author:Ric Drasin, Bruce Dwight Collins
Publisher:Createspace Independent Pub - 2003-07-18


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