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Raina Scott, a world-famous adventuress, has disappeared into the jungle interior of the island nation of Bellagua -- a nation that has erupted in civil strife and whose lush jungles are being systematically defoliated by a deadly white chemical called Snow. Now Raina has become the eye of a storm of international intrigue, as she is pursued by her husband, her lover and by the manufacturers of Snow. But deep inside the jungle, the powers of a violated Eden have gathered around Raina as she prepares for one last, fantastic assault against the death of a land.Something in him wanted suddenly to force the issue, make this kid murder him in cold blood; he yearned with a cold, tiny kernel of desperation to perform ... The zip gun still pointed his way but wavered a little; it had lost its intention, he knew.

Author:Jenifer Levin
Publisher:Untreed Reads - 2012-05-29


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