Smart Living

Smart Living

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What do the Fab Five from altIgQueer Eye for the Straight Guy, the altIgSupernanny and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver all have in common? Lifestyle gurus are increasingly intruding on everyday life, directing ordinary people to see themselves as -projects- that can be -made over- through embracing an ethos of relentless self-improvement. altIgSmart Living argues that they represent a new form of popular expertise sweeping the world. Written in a lively and accessible manner, the book examines this cult of expertise across a range of media and cultural sites and offers the reader a range of critical tools for understanding the recent emergence of this popular international phenomenon. altIgSmart Living is a must-read for anyone interested in the relationship between popular media culture and contemporary social life.qWithin the context of lifestyle TV, there has been a relative opening up of modes of representation around gender and sexuality, with many home renovation shows, for instance, featuring gay or effeminate men both as home experts and asanbsp;...

Title:Smart Living
Author:Tania Lewis
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2008


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