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It may be hard to believe, but all of us were children once. And as children, we all experienced the sense of elation and accomplishment from inventing our own games a€“ making use of random props and terrain to choreograph a customized pastime that was a blast to play. There was virtually no limit to what we could play and where. So what if we could re-ignite our childhood creativity, and de-construct our realm of acquired assumptions in the process? It would not only be disarmingly fun, but deeply meaningful in guiding our strategic thinking. Continuous innovation is both necessary and exhilarating, and we all possess the inner capacity for it. Our capacity has simply been buried and lays dormant within us. As children, our imagination knew no boundaries. We would grab a slingshot and be instantly transformed into a warrior, a spy, a huntress, or protector of treasure. But as we grew older, our imagination was gradually reigned in, and our thinking eventually settled within the accepted boundaries of conventionality. It seems that our intellectual comfort zone has shifted from that of continuous exploration and inquisitiveness to that of conformity with accepted norms of adult perception. All is not lost, however. We just need the right framework to re-engage our childhood creativity: the Slingshot Framework. . Re-enforcing the booka€™s message, wonderful children illustrations accompany the text from beginning to end, while original music, toy slingshots and interactive forums (accessible via the booka€™s website) provide readers with a truly multi-sensory experience.Think about the refreshingly basic design and ease of use of the Google homepage or the iPod or the Flip. The Flip is a camcorder that came on the scene in 2007 on the heels of increasingly complex and functionality-packed competitors. ... created a prototype and handed it to someone, they intended for that person to be able to turn it on and play with it in 30 seconds without having to read a manual.

Author:Gabor George Burt
Publisher:Cool Springs Press - 2011-07-03


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