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Utilising in-depth reviews, cast and plot details, Slimetime wallows in those films which the world has deemed it best to forget - everything from cheesy no-budget exploitation to the embarrassing efforts of Major Studios. Many of these films have never seen a major release, some were big hits, and others have simply vanished. To compliment the wealth of reviews on sci-fi, schlock, flower power and puppet people films are detailed essays on specific sleaze genres such as Biker, Blaxploitation and Drug movies. Fully updated and revised with new reviews and new illustrations.Based on the diory of a dead fnend, the pic depicts his final six months, and at times ita#39;s a virtual instruction manual for Amateur ... Russ Meyer touched bnefly on hallucinagens in his epic Beyond the Valley of the Dalts (1970l, an ultra. groovy satire on the Hallywoad lifestyle and rack music. ... The filet mignon of psychedelic studio.backed stupidity corne from Otto Premingera#39;s Skidoo (196Bl, which actuallyanbsp;...

Author:Steven Puchalski
Publisher:Headpress - 2002


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