Sleepwalk with Me

Sleepwalk with Me

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Hello, I am Mike Birbiglia and I want you to read my book. Too on the nose? Sorry. Let me dial it back. Ia€™m Mike Birbiglia and Ia€™m a comedian. You may know me from Comedy Central or This American Life or The Bob a Tom Show, but youa€™ve never seen me like this before. Naked. Wait, thata€™s the name of another book. Also Ia€™m not naked as there are no pictures in my book. Also, if there were naked pictures of me, you definitely wouldna€™t buy it, though you might sneak a copy into the back corner of the bookstore and show it to your friend and laugh. Okay, leta€™s get off the naked stuff. This is my first book. Ita€™s difficult to describe. Ita€™s a comedic memoir, but Ia€™m only 32 years old so Ia€™d hate for you to think Ia€™m a€œwrapping it up, a€ so to speak. But I tell some personal stories. Some REALLY personal stories. Stories that I considered not publishing time and time again, especially when my father said, a€œMichael, you might want to stay away from the perAssonal stuff.a€ I said, a€œDad, just read the dedication.a€ (Which Ia€™m telling you to do too.) Some of the stories are about my childhood, some are about girls I made out with when I was thirteen, some are about my parents, and some are, of course, about my bouts with sleepwalking. Bring this book to bed. And sleepwalk with me.In a tie-in to a one-man show that will be touring the United States in Fall 2010, a comedian offers a charming, funny memoir about first love, denial, sleepwalking and the perils and pitfalls of being ... himself.

Title:Sleepwalk with Me
Author:Mike Birbiglia
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-10-12


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