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Learn how to build your own multimedia workstation, and how to use it! Slackermedia is a multimedia guidebook for people looking to get away from operating systems that tell them what they can or can't do in their art. But it doesn't stop there! In this volume, you'll find detailed guides on the most important multimedia applications on Linux today: the Kdenlive video editor and the Qtractor digital audio workstation. You'll also get tips and resources on other great multimedia applications of Linux, like Blender, Audacity, Jamin, CALF, LADSPA, GIMP, Inkscape, ffmpeg, sox, Qsynth, fluidsynth, soundfonts, Xsynth, whySynth, QJack Control, Font Matrix, and many many more. By the end of your journey with Slackermedia, you'll know everything you need to know to create original multimedia content and any kind of digital art on the powerful, free operating system of GNU Linux. So put your nerd glasses on, roll up your sleeves, and prepare yourself for creativity like you've never experienced.Technically, it consists of two elements: synfig, the backend, and synfig studio, the GUI front end. In order to compile it, you first must install ... PKG_CONFIG_PATH as needed. 11.Transcode Transcode is similar to ffmpeg but has some unique.

Author:Seth Kenlon - 2012-09-01


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