Skype Me! From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond

Skype Me! From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond

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This book is divided into four parts. Part I begins with several chapters on the basics of Skype. Here the reader learns how to install and configure Skype on several platforms including Windows, Max OSX, Linux, and PocketPC. The reader will also learn how to begin making voice over IP calls immediately. Part II deals with the more advanced features of Skype. Here the reader learns how to use Skype on new a€œSkype Ready cell phones, use Skype for more advanced, business-oriented tasks such as scheduling and file transfers, as well as using SkypeOut. Part III discusses how to integrate Skype with third party networking, communication, and security devices such as routers, firewalls, and mail servers, as well as using the brand new Skype for Business. Part IV covers the Skype Application Programming Interface, Plug-ins, Add-ons, and third party tools. Here the reader learns to develop and customize their own applications using the new, powerful, Skype API. * Skype has over 70, 000, 0000 users worldwide, and 13 forums with over 25, 000 members * Skype's Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to develop their own applications and customize Skype with the information found in this book * Makrus Daehne is one of the most recognized and respected authorities on Skype and he is the forum moderator on the Skype Web siteThe UDP status line indicates the status of the connection between you (the local machine) and the person youa#39;re calling (the ... Each of these entries can have a value of Good or Bad, making it very simple to analyze whether you, the other person, or both of you have a good or bad connection. ... If you see the words: a–i Local:Good Remote: Good Tells you that both users have a good P2P connection .

Title:Skype Me! From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond
Author:Markus Daehne
Publisher:Syngress - 2005-12-12


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