Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

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NOW AN EBOOK FOR THE FIRST TIME For fifty years and more than two thousand shows, the Grateful Dead have been earning the qdeadicationq of more than a million fans. Along the way, Deadheads have built an original and authentic American subculture, with vivid jargon and rich love, and its own legends, myths, and spirituality. Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads is the first map of what Jerry Garcia calls qthe Grateful Dead outback, q as seen through the eyes of the faithful, friends, and family, including Bill Walton, Elvis Costello, Tipper Gore, Al Franken, Bob Bralove, Dick Latvala, Blair Jackson, David Gans, Bruce Hornsby, Rob Wasserman, and Robert Hunter. Skeleton Key puts you on the Merry Pranksters' bus behind the real Cowboy Neal, uncovers the origins of Cherry Garcia, follows the dancing bear on its trip from psychedelic artifact to trademarked icon, and unlocks the Dead's own tape vault. Informative reading for the new fan or the most grizzled qtourhead, q Skeleton Key shines throughout with Deadheads' own stories, wit, insiders' knowledge, sincere appreciation of the music of the qband beyond description, q and the diverse and soulful culture it inspires.Now his personality is coming out more in the worka€”his enthusiasm, kindness, imagination, humor. Parts of the work that I call a#39;spatial ... The kids cana#39;t learn the traditional arts in schools anymorea€”ita#39;s been cut out. Thata#39;s why we teach itanbsp;...

Title:Skeleton Key
Author:David Shenk, Steve Silberman
Publisher:Broadway Books - 2015-06-23


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