Six Million Accusers

Six Million Accusers

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qSix Million Accusersq is a historical novel reliving the hunt for, and capture of one of history's most evil criminals - a leading Nazi named Adolf Eichmann. Having disappeared after WWII, members of an Israeli organization search the world for Eichmann, hoping to one day capture one of the men responsible for brutally massacring millions of Jews, and others. Following any tip possible, eventually they discover a Jewish father and daughter who swear Eichmann quietly lives in their community, under a new name. The search for Eichmann ramps up, and the agents begin to fervently believe they have found their man. As they get closer and closer, a plan must also be created to capture Eichmann, and secretly transport the villain back to Israel. Is it really Eichmann? And if so, what complications may arise that might destroy their plans to have this notorious Nazi held responsible for his crimes? qSix Million Accusersq is based on historic detail, and David Lawrence- Young does an excellent job reliving the hunt for, and capture of Adolf Eichmann. Well written and easy to read, qSix Million Accusersq should be a staple of the educational discussion of WWII and the aftermath. ~~D. BettensonTrying to smile encouragingly, he slipped out of the car and crouching down, he ran back to the Buick. Ju as we saw him ... Again we all slid down low in our seats and watched intently as the third 203 bus drew up at the rusting bu: stop. We all heard the ... a€œOur eyes came together and suddenly I saw realization and panic spread over his face. He sprang bat ... He pulled back trying to wriggle out of my bear-hug and then he suddenly tripped on a rock hal hidden in the mud. We both fellanbsp;...

Title:Six Million Accusers
Author:D. Lawrence-Young
Publisher:White Stag / Ravenswood Publishing - 2014-08-06


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