Shotguns & Shotgunning

Shotguns & Shotgunning

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The sportsman's complete guide to choosing and using shotguns abreak;abreak;The shotgun in unsurpassed as a sporting tool and it has enjoyed a long and storied history in the hands of hunters and marksmen around the world. Yet, the novice shooter is often overwhelmed by the choices he faces when selecting the right gun for his favorite activities: Which gauge is best? Should they shoot an over-under, side-by-side, autoloader or pump? What about chokes? And is lead or nontoxic shot better - and in what sizes? abreak;abreak;Fortunately, Layne Simpson has a lifetime of shotgunning experience to share with you and his sage advice will help answer all these questions and many more. Part technical guide, part loving tribute, this book will make you look at shotguns in a totally different light. abreak;abreak;Explore every common gauge of shotgun - 10, 12, 16, 20, 28, and .410 bore and discover the best for you abreak;abreak;Compare and contrast double-barrel guns, autoloaders, pumps and bolt-actions abreak;abreak;Reviews the shotgunner's favorite game species - quail, pheasant, grouse, ducks and many more - and learn which gun and loads are right for the job abreak;abreak;Learn how to fit, pattern and maintain your guns abreak;abreak;Above all, the shotgun is the centerpiece of all stories about wonderful days spent in the field?of North Woods' logging trails and ruffed grouse exploding into golden-tinged woodlands?of foggy mornings in a duck blind shared with good friends, a trusty 10 gauge and your favorite retriever?of corn fields, cold wind and the cook pheasant's crackly as you insticvively shoulder your favorite autoloader?this is the shotgunner's world.Index Layne Simpson has traveled with shotgun and camera across five ... 197 barrel selector 18. ... 171 double-barrel shotgun 14, 36. ... 212 Fox. A.M. Gun Company 17. 134. 159, 180, 197 HE Grade 159. 197 Sterlingworth 18.49.68. 77, 81, 86, 97, 137, 152. 156 ... 71 Improved Skeet choke 1 18 Indiana 67 inertia-style single trigger 249 interchatmeable chokes 44. ... 57 manual-progressive reloader 202.

Title:Shotguns & Shotgunning
Author:Layne Simpson
Publisher:Krause Publications - 2003-12-15


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