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Shoptalk examines the development of literacy, identity, and thinking skills that takes place through cross generation conversation in an African American hair salon and how it can inform teaching in today's diverse classrooms. By shining a spotlight on verbal discussions between the salon's patrons and workers, the author provides a critical reassessment of the achievement gap discourse and focuses on the intellectual toolkits available to African Americans as members of thriving communities. While this book offers a detailed analysis of the informal teaching and language practice that occurs within the salon, it also moves beyond that setting to consider culturally situated problem-solving within an urban, language arts classroom. Shoptalk is essential reading for teachers, teacher educators, and administrators who are interested in widening their view of culturally responsive pedagogical practices.For example, learning to a€œdoa€ hair, learning to write a paper, learning to repair a broken furnace or busted carburetor, and ... in changing conditions (e.g., doing a€œ ethnic hair, a€ writing a a€œresearcha€ paper, repairing a 1990 Whirlpool furnace).

Author:Yolanda J. Majors
Publisher:Teachers College Press - 2015-06-30


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