Shoot Like a Sniper

Shoot Like a Sniper

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This book is about human performance. The controlling characteristic of this is onea€™s mind. Within the context of rifle shooting, there are definite ways in which our state of mind can either help or hurt us. So, it pays to recognize what to seek and what to avoid. Further, an unfortunate aspect of the human mind (especially the male mind) is the a€œI dona€™t need to ask for directions/read the instructions/learn from someone elsea€ mindset. Now if you are reading this you probably arena€™t one of that crew, but it is still sometimes difficult to open our minds to new ideas or to take an honest, critical look at ourselves. However, this willingness to learn and to honestly analyze and critique onea€™s self is an absolute requirement for progress, so try to keep that in mind whenever you start a practice session. Ego is the most self-destructive characteristic we possess; dona€™t take it to a practice session.Remingtona#39;s Mike Walker standardized 6mm BR dimensions, in 1978, whereupon Remington started supplying brass. These hulls hadthin walls, to make neckforming easy, andwere designed to take Small Rifle primers. The short , fat cases followed development of the .22 and 6mm PPC, wildcat rounds on thepetite .220Russian. ... Normaa#39;s handloading manual lists a 100-grain bullet at 2, 850. But, foranbsp;...

Title:Shoot Like a Sniper
Author:Gun Digest Editors
Publisher:Gun Digest Books - 2014-03-31


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