Shoeshine Girl

Shoeshine Girl

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Who ever heard of a shoeshine girl? The last thing Sarah Ida wants to do is spend the summer with her Aunt Claudia. But when her parents send her away because of problems at home, that is exactly what she has to do. With no allowance and no fun to be had, Sarah Ida decides to look for a job. But who will hire a ten year old? Al, the shoeshine man, will! Sarah loves her job, even if it means getting knee-deep in shoe polish everyday. Then something terrible happens and it looks like the shoeshine stand will have to close forever. If Sarah Ida wants to keep it open, she'll have to learn a few lessons about growing up along the way ...Who ever heard of a shoeshine girl?

Title:Shoeshine Girl
Author:Clyde Robert Bulla
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2013-06-25


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