Shhhh!!!....Can Airport Talk?

Shhhh!!!....Can Airport Talk?

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The stories in here are mostly true. Ia€™ve had so many encounters in my life as a member of an airport ground crew. Ia€™m not sure if I can continue cranking out more volumes until all the stories I have (those I can recall anyway) have been written out. Ia€™m not expecting much from this book, though I do hope one or two chapters will open the eyes of married men and women to the fact that they should not take their marriages for granted and to keep the right kind of company. No malice is intended toward anybody. Books such as Coffee, Tea or Me? or the BBC series Come Fly with Me dona€™t paint a complete picture about the lives of those working in airline industry. Not all of us were snared by honey traps and bribes. Airline staff meets all sorts of people, and temptations abound. Ultimately, it all depends on the person. I had a good thirty-three years of lessons working at the airport. I cherish and hold dear the experiences Ia€™ve gathered, the people Ia€™ve met, and the friends Ia€™ve made. I thank my friends and the passengers who encouraged me to pen this book.With their Malaysian identity cards, they could not enter Singapore without an international passport. ... Once, as the team leader on duty, I was about to make a boarding announcement when the apron officer came running and informed meanbsp;...

Title:Shhhh!!!....Can Airport Talk?
Author:Hafsah Ali
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2015-05-11


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