She Was a Friend of Mine 2: Disloyal

She Was a Friend of Mine 2: Disloyal

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In part two of She Was a Friend of Mine, three years have passed since the disappearance of her brother and the mysterious fire, which took her family. By happenstance, Shi meets T-money, who walks her right into the center of the Bay areaa€™s drug game. A gathering turns into a deadly takeover, when two of the most dangerous men Shi will ever meet face off. With a gun pointed to the head of the man who might know where her brother is, she gets a glimpse into the eyes of the man who killed her father. Will she get the answers she is looking for? Will she find her brother? Will she learn the truth surrounding her fathera€™s death? Will revenge change her more than the horrors of life? In the second part to this trilogy, the drama unfolds page after page with a jaw-dropping ending.... get her G.E.D. later or take the C.H.S.P.E. like I did. I so wanted to get out and help her, but I had to wait. There was ... But that was not my goal. Ia#39;d planned to cover my ass and use the law to help me. I researched drug laws, proposition 36.

Title:She Was a Friend of Mine 2: Disloyal
Author:Jasheem Wilson
Publisher:Delphine Publications - 2015-03-31


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