Shanna's Chance

Shanna's Chance

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Her mind wandered again to the upcoming project. It was a mystery how the builder had found her. After all, most of her work was renovation and repair. To say she was curious that a total stranger would request her for a mural would be an understatement. Her research on Chance Wilding revealed a talented architect-builder with skyscrapers in several key Western cities, but how would he have heard about her or her work? And since her work was not sold in studios, nor did she have a website, it was going to be her first question. Her research also showed he usually worked in Texas. And of course the one thing Texas needed was another high-rise. She wondered how he would take her insistence that she have total control of her design. It would be interesting to see. When the beautiful and talented painter Shanna Key is hired by the renowned, Houston-based architect Chance Wilding to create a mural in the lobby of his new high-rise in Phoenix, Arizona, it's a commission that will open up a whole new world for her. She'll be swept away from her sleepy, laidback Southern town into the hectic life of the rich and famous. Her life will only get more interesting when she falls for the man who hired her. Will Shanna be able to adjust to this new life? Will the gorgeous, yet mysterious, Chance Wilding be Shanna's Chance at love? Find out in Kitch's debut novel. Kitch lives in North Carolina. Though she's had a short story previously published, she's only recently put pen to paper again. Shanna's Chance is her first novel. She is currently working on her second novel.... this thing. What kind of car is it?a€ He laughed. a€œIta#39;s a Mercedes-Benz ML63. ... Shannaa#39;s enthusiasm was catching. The next day Shanna spent a few hours reading through the ownera#39;s manual on her vehicle and then called Anne and invited.

Title:Shanna's Chance
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011-07


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