Shakespeare's Education: How Shakespeare Learned to Write

Shakespeare's Education: How Shakespeare Learned to Write

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Shakespeare's Education brings to life the educational experiences of boys in 16th century England. Monarchs from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I established hundreds of schools, and formulated a curriculum based on Latin, the reading of classical literature, and the performance of recitations and plays. This system educated Shakespeare and his contemporaries Christopher Marlowe, Ben Jonson, and thousands more. It became the matrix for one of the world's great periods in theatre history. More important, it helps us understand the writing of Shakespeare, the greatest playwright the world has seen. qKate Pogue's book moves not at a snail's pace but jogs on merrily to an appreciation for how Shakespeare transformed his lessons into art.qM Peter Greenfield Professor emeritus, University of Puget Sound Editor, Research Opportunities in Medieval and Renaissance Drama qKate Pogue's engaging account of education at local grammar schools reminds us that it was more than sufficient to equip the brightest students for a literary career. q Robert Bearman formerly Head of Archives at the SBT qShakespeare's education is a topic to which Kate Pogue brings the vivid insight of both the academic and the theatrical practitioner.q John Taplin Author, Shakespeare's Country FamiliesThemost famous, perhaps, of Shakespearea#39;s letters appears in the same play. ... Alan Stewart notesthat only five ofthe 36 playslack letters, while the forward movement ofthe plot of King Lear absolutely depends upon them. ... only two more or less conventional pleas for patronage, addressed to the Earl of Southampton, written to appear before hisepic poems, ... VERSIFYING In the Upper School at Winchester, the boys memorized twelve lines of Ovida week, or about 500 lines a year.

Title:Shakespeare's Education: How Shakespeare Learned to Write
Author:Kate Emery Pogue
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2012-07-16


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