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MichAule Alexandre defines qsexploitationq as the perpetuation of myths and stereotypical notions regarding men and women in order to further an agenda of oppression and subordination in certain spheres of society. The most popular means through which this sexploitation is achieved is through a method Alexandre coins as qsexual profiling.q Alexandre argues that sexual profiling ultimately stifles the growth of our society by creating inefficient as well as oppressive systems, and that its eradication can help increase the productivity as well as the morale of society. Alexandre opens the book by exploring in detail the various ways in which normative views of gender are constructed and perpetuated through media and societal norms. She then focuses on the ways in which recent legal opinions and developments contribute to perpetuate these restrictive and oppressive norms. Finally, Alexandre outlines a plan to help eliminate the presence of these destructive norms and attitudes from different sectors of society. Sexploitation from the Newsroom to the Courtroom examines how sexual profiling represses, oppresses, and hinders various aspects of life for both genders, and explores the ways in which the law and the community can help eradicate the practice of sexual profiling.Kingkade, Tyler, Florida State University Under Federal Investigation In Connection To Winston Rape Case, THE HUFFINGTON ... IN THE NET: THE IMPACT OF DRUG POLICIES ON FAMILIES (2004), asset_upload_fi le431_23513.pdf. Laver ... Love and Hip Hop (VH1 television broadcast 2006).

Author:Michèle Alexandre
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-12-17


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