Service and Therapy Dogs in American Society

Service and Therapy Dogs in American Society

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This well-written and informative book has become the standard on the uses and laws regarding therapy and service dogs. With the expansion of new service dog types, a greater complexity with regard to service animal laws and regulations and the interpretation of these by the courts has developed. This book carefully examines these complexities at both the state and federal levels. In addition, the expanded use of therapy dogs in facilities and institutions has brought with it a paradigm shift in society's acceptance and acknowledgment of the canine capacity to contribute in meaningful ways to the lives of ill and institutionalized persons. This resource discusses the benefits of dogs as a therapeutic modality that reflects the importance of enrichment and healing to seizure patients, autistic children, and others with disabilities, including mental illness. Part I covers canines and canine caregiving, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, cancer sniffers, and the therapy dog movement. Part II explores traveling and living with canine caregivers, taking service and support dogs to schools, workplace scenarios, access rights of trainers and handlers, and proving service animal status and false assertions of such status. Part III discusses registration, licensing, tags, special gear for skilled dogs, traffic precautions, including cruelty and criminal interference laws protecting service animals. Part IV researches canine caregivers and social benefits, keeping animals with handlers in emergencies and disasters, tax benefits, and social service reimbursement for service animals. The author has provided a list of legal sources and service and therapy dog organizations by state. The information contained in this book is well-researched, factual, and appropriately cited. By reading this book, readers will acquire a clearer understanding of the many federal and state laws that apply to service and therapy dogs.In a 1968 ruling, 672 the question was the deductibility of costs for the acquisition, training, and maintenance of a dog ... Medical and Dental Expenses (Including the Health Coverage Tax Credit), states: Guide Dog or Other Service Animal You anbsp;...

Title:Service and Therapy Dogs in American Society
Author:John J. Ensminger
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2010


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