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When Julia Hernandez leaves her husband, shoots a real estate developer, and then vanishes without a trace, she slips out of the world she knew and into the Simulacruma€”a place where human history is both guided and thwarted by the conflict between a species of anarchist wasps and a collective of hyperintelligent spiders. When Julia's ex-husband Raymond spots her in a grocery store he doesn't usually patronize, he's soon drawn into an underworld of radical political gestures where Julia is the new media sensation of both this world and the Simulacrum. Told ultimately from the collective point of view of another species, this allegorical novel plays with the elements of the Simulacrum apparent in real lifea€”media reports, business speak, blog entries, text messages, psychological-evaluation forms, and the lies lovers tell one anothera€”and poses a fascinating idea that displaces human beings from the center of the universe and makes them simply the pawns of two warring species.It was an unnerving experience, feeling Raymonda#39;s eyes upon on as we walked past him into the center of the store to ... the coffee table booksa€”perhaps that itch is what you all feel when you see a spider walking down a white bedroom wall. ... then resorting to skimming to study the diagrams for the construction ofa dream machine and an orgone box, he gave up. He turned on his laptop, found an ambient iTunes radio station he liked, and drank three fingers of vodka from a dirtyanbsp;...

Author:Nick Mamatas
Publisher:PM Press - 2011-05-01


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