Senate Cloakroom Cabal

Senate Cloakroom Cabal

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a€œWe don't manufacture cures. We manufacture dependencies.a€ So says the head pharmaceutical lobbyist to the majority leader of the United States Senate. Soon after that utterance, a miracle-cure cancer drug is rejected by the US Food and Drug Administration because of purported side effects.A first-year senator, Roanne Dalton senses illegal activity in her own party, but is powerless to act on her own. Instead, she seeks an objective investigator and turns to the well-respected and savvy Washington Daily Star reporter Laura Wolfe. Senator Dalton and Laura suspect a Capitol Hill conspiracy with horrific consequencesa€”keeping this anxiously awaited drug away from the American peoplea€”a conspiracy of greed and deceit that, without warning, turns deadly. Senate Cloakroom Cabal is the second installment in the thrilling Laura Wolfe series, following Death of an Intern.Harley could not tell his the truth, something he always held dear. stockholders full He would fire salvos at Congressandthe FDA. One truth wasthe governmenta#39;s failure toact, to save lives. He hadbeena warrior once, butsince WWII, hehadanbsp;...

Title:Senate Cloakroom Cabal
Author:Keith M. Donaldson
Publisher:BQB Publishing - 2012-10-25


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