Select Winning Stocks Using Technical Analysis

Select Winning Stocks Using Technical Analysis

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Pistolese/Selecting Stocks/0-07-147814-0/Backcover Copy paperback no flaps) Select top-performing stocks in bull, bear, or non-trending markets In this follow-up to his bestselling book, Using Technical Analysis, Clifford Pistolese reveals how to effectively apply technical analysis in your day-to-day trading decisions in order to select stocks with the greatest profit potential. Selecting Winning Stocks Using Technical Analysis gives you practical techniques and exercises for quickly evaluating stocks using simple methods of technical analysis. Pistolese shows you how to conduct your own independent research to obtain objective data and identify investment opportunities, allowing you to shed broker fees and avoid conflicts of interest. He provides expert advice on tactical trading errors, controlling your emotions, and steering clear of the a€œherd mentality, a€ as well as how to: Locate companies with effective business models Use free technical analysis resources on the Internet Readjust your portfolio for bull, range-bound, and bear market phases Diversify your investments to control risk Recognize the signals that a stock should be sold Spot common investment pitfalls and avoid them Complete with lists of small cap and large cap growth stocks that have large capital gain potential, Selecting Winning Stocks Using Technical Analysis gives you the power to select profitable investments, keep your costs to a minimum, and ensure that your own interests receive top priority. Clifford Pistolese is the bestselling author of Using Technical Analysis and Technical Analysis for the Rest of Us. A successful trader, Pistolese has held executive positions with several Standard a Poor's 500 corporations.portfolio into conservative investments such as bonds, money market accounts, and preferred stocks that pay high dividends. Listed below are some suggestions for investments appropriate for a bear market. Zero Coupon Bonds United States anbsp;...

Title:Select Winning Stocks Using Technical Analysis
Author:Clifford Pistolese
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2006-11-21


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