Secret Voyages

Secret Voyages

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The best introduction to multiethnic New World Discovery before Columbus. Nine true adventures featuring Hatshepsut, King Solomon, Xu Fu, Marco Polo, Nicholas of Lynn, Zheng He, Martin Behaim, Amerigo Vespucci, King Arthur, Queen Elizabeth, and Francis Drake. Includes first maize (Indian corn) in Egypt, early maps of America before Columbus, Roman Florida, Albertin di Virga's 1414 map of Peru and North America, ancient artifacts and faces of Old World voyagers in Mexico and Peru, and Francis Drake's amazing qclock map.q Excellent coffee-table book; great for adults and young readers. Beautifully illustrated; excellent index and bibliography. A fun read that is also packed with new information about secret voyages, forbidden lands, and enigmas the pros have missed.Among these documents were several 13th century maps along with letters from Marco Poloa#39;s daughtersa€” Moretta and ... Clearly, the Chinese were sailing to colonies or native harbors along the coast of modern-day Vancouver Island, ... A radiocarbon test on the a€œPantect Mapa€ provided a dating of 1550 AD +/- 100 years .

Title:Secret Voyages
Author:Gunnar Thompson - 2010


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