Secret Garden Collection

Secret Garden Collection

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Selected works from Secret Garden's five best-selling albums. Titles: * Nocturne * Song from a Secret Garden * Serenade to Spring * Papillion * Heartstrings * Adagio * Ode to Simplicity * Hymn to Hope * Reflection * Sanctuary * In Our Tears * Divertimento * Aquarell * You Raise Me Up * The Promise * Belonging * Once in a Red Moon * Elegie * Dreamcatcher * I've Dreamed of YouYOU RAISE ME UP Words and Music by ROLF LOVLAND and BRENDAN GRAHAM Freely J = 63 A1 Violin solo: m A2 F (BWF) F F/A Bb(9) and oh, my soul so Ac When trou - bles come and my heart bur-dened a tempo (with pedal) You Raiseanbsp;...

Title:Secret Garden Collection
Author:Secret Garden
Publisher:Alfred Music - 2004-08-25


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