Second Order Elliptic Equations and Elliptic Systems

Second Order Elliptic Equations and Elliptic Systems

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This volume contains the proceedings of the AMS Special Session on Nonstandard Finite-Difference Discretizations and Nonlinear Oscillations, in honor of Ronald Mickens's 70th birthday, held January 9-10, 2013, in San Diego, CA. Included are papers on design and analysis of discrete-time and continuous-time dynamical systems arising in the natural and engineering sciences, in particular, the design of robust nonstandard finite-difference methods for solving continuous-time ordinary and partial differential equation models, the analytical and numerical study of models that undergo nonlinear oscillations, as well as the design of deterministic and stochastic models for epidemiological and ecological processes. Some of the specific topics covered in the book include the analysis of deterministic and stochastic SIR-type models, the assessment of cost-effectiveness of vaccination problems, finite-difference methods for oscillatory dynamical systems (including the SchrApdinger equation and Brusselator system), the design of exact and elementary stable finite-difference methods, the study of a two-patch model with Allee effects and disease-modified fitness, the study of the delay differential equation model with application to circadian rhythm and the application of some special functions in the solutions of some problems arising in the natural and engineering sciences. A notable feature of the book is the collection of some relevant open problems, intended to help guide the direction of future research in the area.Contemporary Mathematics Abba B. Gumel ... R. E. Mickens, Iteration method solutions for conservative and limit-cycle force os- cillators, J. Sound Vibration 292 (2006), no. ... M. R. Spiegel, Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists.

Title:Second Order Elliptic Equations and Elliptic Systems
Author: Abba B. Gumel
Publisher:American Mathematical Soc. - 2014-06-18


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