Searching for Spiritual Unity...Can There Be Common Ground?

Searching for Spiritual Unity...Can There Be Common Ground?

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Searching for Spirituality is an introductory course on forty of the worlda€™s most practiced or most misunderstood religions. Originally born out of author Robyn Lebrona€™s efforts to create a Christian education course for her husbanda€™s congregation, this easy-to-follow reference guide to international religious beliefs is designed to reduce the fear and skepticism that often comes when we encounter belief systems different than our own, with the ultimate goal of promoting peace and spiritual unity throughout the world. Covering a broad array of different faiths, from mainstream Christian denominations to Buddhism to Islam, Searching for Spiritual Unity breaks down each religion into eleven categories to allow for easy comparative discussions: history, doctrine, God or gods, the role of Jesus Christ, worship practices, infant baptism or blessing, confirmation or initiation, marriage, death and afterlife, judgment, and any special doctrines. Also included are comparison charts that can be used as a quick qat a glanceq reference. Did you know that a€b a€cpagan beliefs almost line up perfectly with Christian concepts? a€cvoodoo dolls are not commonly used by those who practice Voodoo? a€cMuslims believe in Jesus Christa€™s mission? a€cthe fastest growing religion today is also one of the youngest? Take the challenge to educate yourself, and replace skepticism and fear with peace and understanding.Basic Worship Service: The focus of Baptist church worship services is the proclamation of the Word of God through the weekly sermon. The sermon is ... Contemporary services are less likely to have printed bulletins that outline the service.

Title:Searching for Spiritual Unity...Can There Be Common Ground?
Author:Robyn E. Lebron
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-01


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