Search to Witness

Search to Witness

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Timothy Flynn Farrell wondered if he was alive and living this experience, if he was dead and this was the afterlife he had earned or if he was only unconscious and this was all a dream. The pain he could feel from the struggle hea€™d gone through last night made him truly believe that this was all real. Hea€™d operate on that premise and that meant that hea€™d better be on guard. Flynn, as he preferred to be called, had begun his month on the battlefield of Kuwait. It had been September of 1991. Over the last ten days he had traveled halfway around the world with his Marine unit and ended up in San Diego. From there he had traveled back east to Boston and from there up north to North Conway, only to arrive a few minutes after his mother was killed in an automobile accident, ironically while coming to pick him up. Then he had buried her and begun to set his own life back on track, suddenly he was blind-sided by a recall which cut his leave to those few days. What had happened that mysterious night? He remembered only driving into a fog and thinking that he was in some kind of a gas attack. When he awoke he was thrust back in time to 1941. Not only that but also he was thrust into a confrontation with his own grandfather. His grandfather had never been a part of Flynna€™s life because the man had run off with some woman before Flynna€™s own father had been born. Today Flynn had been able to prove that had not been the truth. He knew without a doubt that his grandfather, the man who had been scorned by his former friends and neighbors, had not run off with the girl. No, his grandfather had been a hero. He had gone to the girla€™s defense when she was being attacked and he had sacrificed his life and his future in a vain attempt to save her. Today Flynn, by his presence, had changed all of that. Hea€™d been unable to save the girl, Anne Dean, she had lost her life. He had, however, saved his grandfather, at least he was still alive today. He might live and he might not live but in any event, if he died, it would be as a hero, not as a scoundrel. Flynn knew that his task now would be to aid in keeping his grandfather alive. Sheriff Roberds, Eddy Cunningham and Johnny Blue were not nice people and they would do everything in their power to destroy Flynn and Leroy Brown, the black man who they still didna€™t realize was Annea€™s husband. Roberds and Cunningham, brothera€™s-in-law who had a pact and a still unknown history of killing women, were to be feared. Not so much for themselves but rather their connections which might allow them to avoid punishment for their crime. Johnny Blue, he was not going to be a problem because he was merely a hanger on. Doctor Ray Ward and Father John Logan were two people that Flynn could count on for support. They, along with Raya€™s wife, Liddy, were the only onea€™s who knew that Flynn was a time traveler. Others knew Flynn as Raya€™s handyman, no one special. Here he was, out of the commotion of the emergency room and in a situation he still didna€™t grasp. The only thing that was making sense was that he, Flynn, was probably the one with the best understanding of what had happened and therefore, the one who could control what was going to happen. Now he had to see how this played out.He checked his wristwatch and reset the Big Ben, set the alarm for 5:00 and wound the clock. ... could feel the cool morning breeze in his face as he rolled down the window in the Cadillac . . . what a beautiful deer standing in the field . . . whatanbsp;...

Title:Search to Witness
Author:Jack J. Rossate
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2001-05-17


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