Seals and Sealing Handbook

Seals and Sealing Handbook

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Seals and Sealing Handbook, 6th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of sealing technology, bringing together information on all aspects of this area to enable you to make the right sealing choice. This includes detailed coverage on the seals applicable to static, rotary and reciprocating applications, the best materials to use in your sealing systems, and the legislature and regulations that may impact your sealing choices. Updated in line with current trends this updated reference provides the theory necessary for you to select the most appropriate seals for the job and with its 'Failure Guide', the factors to consider should anything go wrong. Building on the practical, stepped approach of its predecessor, Seals and Sealing Handbook, 6th Edition remains an essential reference for any engineer or designer who uses seals in their work. A comprehensive reference covering a broad range of seal types for all situations, to ensure that you are able to select the most appropriate seal for any given task Includes supporting case studies and a unique 'Failure Guide' to help you troubleshoot if things go wrong New edition includes the most up-to-date information on sealing technology, making it an essential reference for anyone who uses seals in their workThis book has set out to be a revision and update of the fifth edition.That edition was a ... It is over 40 years since my introduction to a detailed study of seals, working on a test rig to investigate hydraulic cylinder seals. And yet, the range of sealanbsp;...

Title:Seals and Sealing Handbook
Author:Robert K. Flitney
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-06-16


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