Scratch at the Helm

Scratch at the Helm

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This is the story of a fifty-seven day boat trip as seen through the eyes of a very experienced and wise Tabby Cat. You will fall in love with Scratch and you will associate with her in her many perplexing situations and her unique methods of getting what she wants. How she loves Tuna and Egg and how she handles herself when in awkward circumstances, reacting to new and different surroundings, and the acceptance of being exposed to strange events. You will go from page to page living her life and understanding her surroundings. How she reacts to her master's lack of composure, his moods, his activities, and sometimes-oral eruptions. This is a story of the relationship between a very knowledgeable and resourceful feline and an understanding elderly gentleman. It is humorous, factual, and will captivate your attention. The author has taken special care to make the book easy to read and understandable yet detailed in the presentation of the various conditions experienced.(a#39;Coming Abouta#39; is a nautical term which means that the bow of the boat turns through he point of the wind. If the wind was from the north and the boat ... Bill would be able to repair it if he could get it in time. (When we get done with this jib anbsp;...

Title:Scratch at the Helm
Author:Bill Dorrity
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-11


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