Scientific Inference, Data Analysis, and Robustness

Scientific Inference, Data Analysis, and Robustness

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Mathematics Research Center Symposium: Scientific Inference, Data Analysis, and Robustness focuses on the philosophy of statistical modeling, including model robust inference and analysis of data sets. The selection first elaborates on pivotal inference and the conditional view of robustness and some philosophies of inference and modeling, including ideas on modeling, significance testing, and scientific discovery. The book then ponders on parametric empirical Bayes confidence intervals, ecumenism in statistics, and frequency properties of Bayes rules. Discussions focus on consistency of Bayes rules, scientific method and the human brain, and statistical estimation and criticism. The book takes a look at the purposes and limitations of data analysis, likelihood, shape, and adaptive inference, statistical inference and measurement of entropy, and the robustness of a hierarchical model for multinomials and contingency tables. Topics include numerical results for contingency tables and robustness, multinomials, flattening constants, and mixed Dirichlet priors, entropy and likelihood, and test as measurement of entropy. The selection is a valuable reference for researchers interested in robust inference and analysis of data sets.Subject-matter understanding, particularly of what the variables were actually measuring, and judgments of data relevance were ... The purpose was to understand variations in the market yields of ATaamp;T and Operating Company bonds.

Title:Scientific Inference, Data Analysis, and Robustness
Author:G. E. P. Box, Tom Leonard, Chien-Fu Wu
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-05-10


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