Science Outside the Laboratory

Science Outside the Laboratory

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The conduct of most of social science occurs outside the laboratory. Such studies in field science explore phenomena that cannot for practical, technical, or ethical reasons be explored under controlled conditions. These phenomena cannot be fully isolated from their environment or investigated by manipulation or intervention. Yet measurement, including rigorous or clinical measurement, does provide analysts with a sound basis for discerning what occurs under field conditions, and why. In Science Outside the Laboratory, Marcel Boumans explores the state of measurement theory, its reliability, and the role expert judgment plays in field investigations from the perspective of the philosophy of science. Its discussion of the problems of passive observation, the calculus of observation, the two-model problem, and model-based consensus uses illustrations drawn primarily from economics. Rich in research and discussion, the volume clarifies the extent to which measurement provides valid information about objects and events in field sciences, but also has implications for measurement in the laboratory. Scholars in the fields of philosophy of science, social science, and economics will find Science Outside the Laboratory a compelling and informative read.On a TV show, a new car is hidden behind one of three screens; the MC has the contestant select one screen. ... This can be shown by the decades-long debate about the Monty Hall three doors problem, or more simply the Monty Hall problem anbsp;...

Title:Science Outside the Laboratory
Author:Marcel Boumans
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2015-06-01


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