Science Education in the 21st Century

Science Education in the 21st Century

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This is hardly another field in education which is more important for a country's future than science education. Yet more and more students elect to concentrate on other fields to the exclusion of science for a variety of reasons: 1. The perception of degree of difficulty, 2. The actual degree of difficulty, 3. The lack of perceived prestige and earnings associated with the field. 4. The dearth of good and easy to use texts. 5. The lack of society in comprehending the significance of science and creating attractive incentives for those who enter the field. This book presents new issues and challenges for the field.for physics learning is followed by an summary of important aspects of acceleration and measurements. Section 3 presents student replies, collected through a quiz in class, to a questions concerning a relatively simple situation, with uniform circular motion in a vertical ... and meaningful for young learners to investigate three- dimensional acceleration, by approaching the concept from the relation a=F/manbsp;...

Title:Science Education in the 21st Century
Author:Ingrid V. Eriksson
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2008-01-01


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