Scatterlings- A Tapestry of Afri-Expat Tales

Scatterlings- A Tapestry of Afri-Expat Tales

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Moving country remains the hugest thing wea€™ve ever experienced/ accomplished/ drowned in. Ita€™s an act of seemingly utter insanity, which negates all onea€™s most primal connections to the cosmos. I find myself quoting Keats more often, a€˜Happiness is sharpened by its antithetical elementsa€™. Experiencing a new chapter of life is life-altering and isna€™t given enough credence. Each day we are grateful to taste a figuratively different menu, yet simultaneously we miss the staple diet stemming from our roots. I recall emailing a psychologist colleague of mine a few months after my arrival here, a€œAm I experiencing a schism of the self?a€ I asked. She replied, a€œNo, just re-inventing the self.a€ I kept that pinned on my notice board at work for the first year to reflect on. _______________________________________________________________ Scatterlings Synopsis The book kicks off with the author's innocent and carefree childhood growing up on a farm in South Africa, my awakening (a€˜conscientisinga€™ into an awareness that a€˜all is not righta€™, being born into an apartheid era), life in SA and the epiphany to immigrate to NZ. The chapter a€˜Bouncing off Planet Africa' encompasses the grieving and healing process of migration. This section should be extremely beneficial to all migrants as part of the adaptation and acculturisaton process. The a€˜Scatterlinga€™ tapestry chapters follow with migrantsa€™ stories of their passion, pain, love - and hate - of Africa. For this section a remarkable cross section of stories; people of various cultural backgrounds and groups from Southern Africa including: cross cultural marriages; gay marriages; the lobola story between a Zulu woman and an American man; people who were marginalised and affected by apartheid, or survived the war in Zimbabwe, etc., plus Afri-expat tales from places such as Peru, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, Zimbabwe, UK, Oz and NZ have been gathered and incorporated. There is a section with contributions, including a Somali Refugee, a rootless African American (due to slavery) and people of colour uprooted in South Africa due to the apartheid areas act. Expats talk about hurdles and obstacles regarding migration, and about the wonderful sense of freedom from the shackles of apartheid and from fear, violence and criminality. They also offer some tips and advice to a€˜wannabesa€™, while others hanker for home so much and return to face the challenges of a violent land. The contributors echo the same parallel threads, yet different and unique, each through their own personal lens. A short chapter offers children the opportunity to share their stories in a€˜Out the Mouths of Babes, a€™ which is both insightful and humorous. An historical/political time line follows from Khoi Khoi to current with articles and information, demographics and some statistics covering the establishment of humanity in the ancient continent; the conflicts, the horrors of apartheid and current exasperation due to ongoing heinous crime, stress, corruption and structural disintegration, juxtaposed against optimism and hope. Articles (all with the authors blessings) are included by well know South African writers, politicians, projectionists and figure heads, the likes of Helen Zille, Clem Sunter, Max du Preez and several young emerging African columnists the likes of Mabaso, Mtimkulu and Shuudi.) There is a section on migrantsa€™ poetry, followed by Southern African recipes and food tales as immigrants identify with food as part of the cultural adaptation and period of grieving. A short existential epilogue concludes the book.... which we have made rapid progress: we have a much better economic engine; we have a constitutionally designed steering wheel; we have an independently powered gearbox ... They both have a slow puncture that no-one wants to repair.

Title:Scatterlings- A Tapestry of Afri-Expat Tales
Author:Eve Hemming
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-06-26


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