Save Mozambique's Elephant Coast:recreat

Save Mozambique's Elephant Coast:recreat

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The author meets entrepreneur Jim on a 1988 North Pole adventure, discover they are both Africa enthusiasts. Returning from a waspish over the Andes pipeline experience in 1995, Jim recruits him for Africa to produce a feasibility study to obtain a 40, 000 acre Indian Ocean look-alike San Francisco Peninsula development offered personally by Mozamique's President. The project goes through several near death experiences, end up an inimitable world class international tourist destination project. Jim has the largest wildlife refuge development by private enterprise on record, a 914 Sq Mi wildlife ecotourism development which safeguards the UN's botanically diverse region. But Jim fails to develop it, dies in 1999. The author now targets recruiting a billionaire or Disney to fund expanding to 4000 Sq Mi to connect to the nearby 38, 500 Sq Mi worlds' largest wildlife refuge, to provide range to save 5000 Kruger elephants slated for mercy killing for overgrazing.I hired Isabel and put her to sorting out the office as soon as Antonio gave me a key on 10 January. Since getting the Isuzu a few weeks earlier I had had the mirrors and windshield wipers ripped off too often to keep track. This new digs hadanbsp;...

Title:Save Mozambique's Elephant Coast:recreat
Author:John Perrott
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-06


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