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This compact text provides a thorough, readable treatment of the principles of satellite communication and its various technologies and components. It presents a clear analysis of subsystems of satellites, orbital mechanisms, launching mechanisms, earth and space systems employed in satellite links, and analog and digital communication through satellites. Besides, it explains the different methods used to access the various services provided by a satellite. The text avoids complicated mathematical derivations, but the results of these derivations and their references are used throughout the book when required for understanding the technical concepts. Primarily intended as a textbook for undergraduate students of electronics and communication engineering, telecommunication engineering, and information technology, this easy-to-understand book will also be useful as a reference for professional engineers.Gulati, R.R., Composite Satellite and Cable Television, New Age International (P) Ltd publishing, New Delhi, 2000. 2. Pratt, T. ... Describe the essential features of the video signal used in NTSC colour TV scheme. ... With the help of a block diagram explain the demodulation technique used by an earth station receiver. 13.

Publisher:PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. - 2005-01-01


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