Sandra’s Saga Matthew’s World

Sandra’s Saga Matthew’s World

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Sandra Roxanne Seehaver doesna€™t see the world like her parents. A young energetic Central Michigan University co-ed finds and builds a relationship with Matthew Morgan Stewart, an airman and fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. She sees beyond his appearance and finds a lot of good in him. Matthew is black! Despite their differences, they get support, and opposition, for being together. They defy the odds and tie the knot. When the Vietnam War becomes an issue, Sandra vows to bear his child before being sent to Southeast Asia, and she does. When ita€™s believed that Matthew is killed in action, Sandra holds on, gives birth to a son, Matthew Jr., and believes that hea€™s still alive. She also encounters other incidents of hate and stands on her own two feet to confront them. When Matthew returns to her by surprise, they vowed to each other to have more children. By 1978, ita€™s Matthewa€™s World. Sandraa€™s little Matthew is now twelve years old and begins to discover a world of his own. With his own biracial makeup, he meets and develops a crush for Marcia Kozlowski, a sixteen-year-old girl who was a product of a black mother and Polish father. Her world is a fragile one, surrounded by hate from both sides of the family. But Matthew, his siblings, and friends lend her support during the summer of 1978 and the rest of her life.As soon as they started walking, a bigboned white female, also five years old, in blue jeans a pink striped blouse and pink flipflops rode up to the stroller on her pink Schwinn bananaseat bike a€œMy name is Cheryl Ratkowski is that your baby?

Title:Sandra’s Saga Matthew’s World
Author:Harry Anderson Jr.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-01-13


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