Roving Mariners

Roving Mariners

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For most Australian Aboriginal people, the impact of colonialism was blunta€”dispossession, dislocation, disease, murder, and missionization. Yet there is another story of Australian history that has remained untold, a story of enterprise and entrepreneurship, of Aboriginal people seizing the opportunity to profit from life at sea as whalers and sealers. In some cases participation was voluntary; in others it was more invidious and involved kidnapping and trade in women. In many cases, the individuals maintained and exercised a degree of personal autonomy and agency within their new circumstances. This book explores some of their lives and adventures by analyzing archival records of maritime industry, captainsa€™ logs, shipsa€™ records, and the journals of the sailors themselves, among other artifacts. Much of what is known about this period comes from the writings of Herman Melville, and in this book Melvillea€™s whaling novels act as a prism through which relations aboard ships are understood. Drawing on both history and literature, Roving Mariners provides a comprehensive history of Australian Aboriginal whaling and sealing.... cross-cultural, 18, 19, 21, 93a€“115, 176n96; exploitative, 108; between men, 18, 69a€“73, 155n71; race not a feature of, 18, 69a€“73; shifting, 18; between women, 18 Renganghi (Aboriginal woman), 111a€“115, 115; removed to care of Robinson, anbsp;...

Title:Roving Mariners
Author:Lynette Russell
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2012-11-01


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