Rose Guide to the Tabernacle

Rose Guide to the Tabernacle

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Rose Guide to the Tabernacle contains 128 pages of facts, illustrations, charts, and diagrams not available in other books.Readers will gain insight to the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and priests' duties, and Jesus' service as the perfect sacrifice and high priest. Through Rose Guide to the Tabernacle, readers will better understand the doctrines of sin, creation, salvation, justification, and God's sovereignty. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle is also the winner of the 2009 CBA Retailers' Choice Award for Bible Reference/Bible Study. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle is a full color, ebook on the the Tabernacle.q The Tabernacle was the place where the Israelites worshiped God after the Exodus. Learn how the sacrifices, utensils, and even the structure of the Tabernacle were designed to show us something about God. See the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and priests' duties, and Jesus' service as the perfect sacrifice and perfect high priest. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle shows you how: a€cThe Tabernacle was built a€c The temple sacrifices pointed towards Jesus Christ a€c The design of the tent revealed God's holiness and humanity's need for God a€cThe Ark of the Covenant was at the center of worship. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle contains illustrations, charts, and diagrams not available elsewhere. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle (Rose Publishing), by Benjamin Galan and Brent Ashby, answers the question, qHow can a holy God live among corrupted people?q Galan explains the importance of understanding the Tabernacle. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle explains the history of the Tabernacle, its sacred objects and activities , while also illuminating deep insight into what Jesus did for his followers during his life, his death and his resurrection. qGod's presence in the Tabernacle instructed the people to live in purity. Jesus' blood and sacrifice meant the purification rites and sacrifices are no longer necessary, q says Galan. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle offers insight to readers in the following: a€cUnderstanding the importance of Shavuot (Feast of Weeks), Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) and Hanukkah a€cThe Purpose and the three parts of the Tabernacle: The Courtyard, The Holy Place and The Most Holy Place a€cThe significance of the sacrifices: Sin Offering, Guilt Offering, Grain/Gift Offering, Burn Offering, and Peace Offering a€cThe parallels between the Tabernacle, Christ's ministry, and the church a€cThe symbolism of the Golden Lampstand, the Table of the Bread of Presence, the Altar of Incense a€cThe contents of the Ark of the Covenant a€cElements of Passover and a qChristian Sederq Table of Contents: a€cSection 1 God With Us 3-13 a€cGod Living with His People 4 a€cIsrael in Egypt 8 a€cThe Ten Plagues 9 a€cTime Line of the Exodus 10 a€cOld Testament Covenants 11 a€cMount Sinai 12 a€cWhere Is Mount Sinai? 13 a€cWhy Is the Tabernacle Important Today? 1 a€cSection 2 The Tabernacle 15-85 a€cThe Tabernacle cutaway 16 a€cThe Design of the Tabernacle 20 a€cBible References about the Tabernacle 21 a€cEntering the Courtyard 24 a€cGates in the Old Testament 26 a€cAncient Gates and Gates in the New Testament 27 a€cThe Courtyard 28 a€cThe Bronze Altar 30 a€cUtensils 31 a€cSacrifices in the Old Testament 32 a€cSacrifices in the Tabernacle 33 a€cJesus and Sacrifices 34 a€cThe Bronze Laver 35 a€cHoliness and Purity in the Old Testament 36 a€cPurity, Impurity, and the Tabernacle 37 a€cTabernacle tent 38 a€cThe Holy Place 52 a€cTabernacle Symbolism 53 a€cThe Holy Place 54 a€cThe Golden Lampstand 56 a€cJesus and Light 57 a€cHanukkah 57 a€cTable of the Bread of Presence 58 a€cCommunion 59 a€cThe Altar of Incense 60 a€cJesus, Incense, Prayer, and the Holy Spirit 61 a€cIntercessors in the Bible 62 a€cPriests, Levites, and the High Priest 63 a€cThe High Priest 64 a€cJesus and the High Priest 65 a€cFunctions of the Priests 66 a€cFunctions of the Priests 67 a€cThe Garments of the High Priest 68 a€cMiter, Ephod, and Breastplate 69 a€cThe Veil 72 a€cJesus and the Veil 73 a€cThe Most Holy Place 74 a€cThe Ark of the Covenant 75 a€cContents of the Ark 76 a€cThe Mercy Seat 80 a€cJesus and the Pillar 81 a€cManifestations of God s Presence 81 a€cThe Journey of the Ark 82 a€cJesus and the Ark of the Covenant 83 a€cThe Ark in Battle 84 a€cWhere is the Ark Today? 85 a€cSection 3 The Wilderness a€cThe Wilderness 89 a€cThe Song of Moses 90 a€cIsrael At Sinai 91 a€cThe Ten Commandments 92 a€cArrangement of the Camp 94 a€cArrangement of the March 95 a€cOrganization of the Tribes Camp and March 96 a€cThe Feasts 97 a€cA Worshiping Community 98 a€cThe Calendar 99 a€cPassover 100 a€cUnleavened Bread 104 a€cFirstfruits 106 a€cFeast of Weeks 108 a€cFeast of Trumpets 110 a€cDay of Atonement 112 a€cAtonement for Sins 113 a€cThe Feast of Tabernacles Suggested Discussion Questions a€cWhat is the Tabernacle and the elements found in the Tabernacle? a€cWhere is the Ark of the Covenant now? a€cWhy is the Tabernacle of 3500 years ago important today? What does it teach about God's plan of salvation? a€cCould you explain the Bronze Altar and the sacrifice requirements? a€cWhat did a high priest do? a€cWho was allowed to enter the Courtyard, and what was required before entering? a€cHow has the role of the priest changed throughout the years? a€cHow does the Tabernacle connect the Old Testament and the New Testament? a€cWhat were the sacrifices and their significance in the Tabernacle? a€cWhat was the function of the veil? a€cWhy was the Mercy Seat deemed holy? a€cWhat are the holy days and their meanings? a€cWhat is the meaning of the Feast of Trumpets? The Day of Atonement? The Feast of Tabernacles? About the Author: Benjamin Galan grew up in a Christian home in Mexico City. During his studies, Galan became enamored with natural sciences. In college, Galen studied physics and mathematics, and grew indifferent and hostile toward the Christian faith. Along with the French mathematician Laplace, Galan believed God was no longer a necessary hypothesis. After additional studies, Galan began to long for deep, satisfying connections and meaning in his young life. Through the moving testimony of a friend in school, Galan began to read the Bible with renewed eyes, and eventually returned to church. As he became more involved in the ministry of his home church, Galan sensed God's calling. During his theological studies, Galan fell in love with the Old Testament and understood the Old Testament as the key for understanding the New Testament.Rose Guide to the Tabernacle is also the winner of the 2009 CBA Retailersa#39; Choice Award for Bible Reference/Bible Study. Rose Guide to the Tabernacle is a full color, ebook on the the Tabernacle.

Title:Rose Guide to the Tabernacle
Author:Benjamin Galan
Publisher:Rose Publishing Inc - 2013-12-16


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