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(Book). Rikky Rooksby's revised and updated bestseller explores more than 200 classic riffs, from Cream and Led Zeppelin, through Nirvana and Soundgarden, to Metallica, U2, and the White Stripes. The first half of the book analyzes classic rock riffs and reveals the stories behind their creation. Easy-to-read text describes and explains each riff, supported by illustrations and audio examples. The book's second section shows how to construct great riffs and why they work. Readers learn how to shape a melody, integrate a guitar riff with the rest of a song, enhance a riff with effects, and work with intervals and scales to build riffs.How to Create and Play Great Guitar Riffs Revised and Updated Edition Rikky Rooksby ... The influence of scales such as the pentatonic minor and major can be heard on riffbased 50s songs like Duane Eddya#39;s a#39;Peter ... thekeychord (chordI) would be, and then moved up ordown to begin onthe roots of the othertwo chords ofthe 12bar sequence. ... Soitwas thatmillions across theworld who wentto see Dr No in 1962 heard the electric guitar claimitsplace in the world offilm soundtracks.

Author:Rikky Rooksby
Publisher:Backbeat Books - 2010-11-01


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