Ride the Wind Laughing

Ride the Wind Laughing

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Ride The Wind Laughing is an Illustrated autobiographical story describing the mystical events and experiences which contributed in major ways to my building a 51-foot sailboat in the back yard of my mother's home in rural Nova Scotia- an event which began with no money in an effort to test the Laws of Manifestation and prove to myself the efficacy and practical value of my years of spiritual training. Over a period of four and a half years, the boat, named Wind Rider, went from an imagined image, to a pile of lumber, and finally to a very unusual vessel to both live aboard and sail the oceans of the world. I don't, however, recommend the effort as a way to test the Laws Of Manifestation! It was more like a ladder to a fool's paradise when viewed from below, but when viewed from above, the journey itself was the reward. What any gargantuan effort of creativity does for the mind, heart, and body .. It does far more for the soul.Without even driving it, I said: aquot;You know, ita#39;s going to cost me over two thousand bucks just to repaint this thing and make it look like ... I dona#39;t know whether you know what a car without functional shock absorbers does on the highway, but ita#39;s more like riding on a ... A week or two later I sent the old aquot;Cat-O-Lacaquot; to Aubrey via the Yarmouth to Bar Harbor ferry and was very much relieved that he didna#39;t 111.

Title:Ride the Wind Laughing
Author:Kit Cain
Publisher:Christopher Cain - 2006-05-15


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