RF Power Amplifiers

RF Power Amplifiers

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An advanced textbook covering the fundamental theory of RF power amplifiers and their uses, this book provides essential guidance for design procedures. The introduction explains the basic theory of RF power amplifiers besides providing the basic classification of the different types of RF power amplifier. It then systematically dedicates a chapter to each different of RF power amplifier covering A, B and C, D (full-bridge and half-bridge types), E (zero-voltage-switching and zero-current-switching), F and DE amplifiers. Throughout this comprehensive guide, the optimal operating conditions are explored and the possible causes for suboptimum operation explained. The book then considers integrated inductors and linearization techniques and LC Oscillators in the concluding chapters. A comprehensive text covering the fundamentals of RF power amplifiers and their range of applications in radio and TV broadcasting, wireless communications and radars. Presents accessible coverage of the complex principles of operation of RF power amplifiers and radio power systems. Introduces the fundamental design techniques and procedures for practitioners for RF power amplifiers. All chapters contain examples and design procedures throughout, with review questions and problems at the end of each chapter. A solutions manual is available for instructors upon enquiryThese circuits are also called polyharmonic or multi-resonant power amplifiers. The drain current flows when the drain-to-source voltage is flat and low, and the drain-to-source voltage is high when the drain current is zero. ... widely used in high-power amplitude-modulated (AM) broadcast radio transmitters in the LF range (30a€“300 kHz), the MF range ... line controls all the odd harmonics and are used in VHF (30a€“300MHz) frequency-modulated (FM) broadcast radio transmitters [1].

Title:RF Power Amplifiers
Author:Marian K. Kazimierczuk
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-11-20


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