Revolution in the Bleachers

Revolution in the Bleachers

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A journalist and mother of two athletic kids exposes the physical and emotional dangers of our over-the-top youth sports culturea€”and offers practical solutions for positive change. A decade ago, Joan Ryana€™s exposAc, Little Girls in Pretty Boxes, changed the way we look at elite sports, namely figure skating and gymnastics. Today, there is another crisis in youth sports. It may affect any child, from the kindergartner on the soccer field to the high school athlete competing for scarce scholarship money. Regan McMahona€™s Revolution in the Bleachers is a wake-up call for parents who spend their lives shuttling their kids from one field and practice to the next and wonder what happened to family life. Have late weeknight practices made family meals a thing of the past? Do you spend hours in the car each week, driving to games across town (or across the state)? Do you worry that your kids will miss out (on competitive experiences, college scholarships, and other advantages) if they do not specialize in one sport early on? Do you feel pressured to have your kids join elite club teams with steep fees and demanding travel schedules? Do your kids get repetitive stress injuries that necessitate trips to orthopedic surgeons or physical therapists? Do you miss your non-sports-related vacations as a family? If so, the good news is, you are not alone. Other parents and kids (and even some coaches) are on your side. And you have a choice. Regan McMahona€™s book began as a cover story for the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine. Titled qHow Much is Too Much?q it got a tremendous response. Finally, someone had dared to say what many parents were thinking! Parents, kids and coaches responded, prompting McMahon to criss-cross the country, doing interviews and research to find out how deep the problem goes and how to fix it. In Revolution in the Bleachers, McMahon traces the evolution of the over-the- top youth culture and gives you a practical plan of action to bring balance back to kidsa€™ lives and our families. McMahona€™s rallying cry for a revolution in the bleachers could not be more timely or useful for parents trying to do the best for their kids.... for a spot on the San Francisco 49ersa#39; roster when he collapsed in a preseason game in Denver in August 2005 and died. ... and research coordinator for the University of Wisconsin Health Sports Medicine Center Tim McGuine told Dennis Semrau, ... Semrau noted that on a local high school football team, the Lancers, 11 of the players weighed 240 pounds or more, ... Fainaru-Wada wrote a story for the Chronicle about Rob Garibaldi, a young baseball player in Petaluma, California, anbsp;...

Title:Revolution in the Bleachers
Author:Regan McMahon
Publisher:Penguin - 2007-04-19


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