Return for Justice

Return for Justice

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Justice, like revenge, is sometimes best served cold.Tool is a man on a mission. Someone murdered his sister and, come hell or high water, he is going to find that someone. But first, he has to return to his hometown, a place that holds nothing but bad memories. A place where the townsfolk still believe he raped that girl twenty-two years ago. He was framed. His sister is dead. Nobody likes him. His job of finding the murderer and redeeming himself isn't going to be easy. But then again, nothing in Tool's life ever was.A fire engine red Dodge Ram pulled around back and the kid directed it to the last row.Otis and ... Cotton reached to start his vehicle but I punched his arm and pointed to another car pulling around to park. We waited as ... a€œWhata#39;s the problem?

Title:Return for Justice
Author:Ron Usry
Publisher:SterlingHouse Publisher - 2009-08-01


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