Retail Customer Service Fundamentals 2nd Edition

Retail Customer Service Fundamentals 2nd Edition

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Here is what you'll discover: Two perfect statements to make to a prospective employer which will win you the job hands down. Or, if you already have the job, these statements will make it obvious to anyone that you a€˜get ita€™ with regard to customer service and youa€™ll move up fast. Page 7. The 3 really simple and common things you have to be really, really good at to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Page 30. The one simple move you can learn to make which ensures you will never fail to greet your customer a€“ no matter what you are doing. Page 11. How to start building instant rapport with your customers in a comfortable, non-threatening way. Page 14. 7 things that you cannot say or do if you expect customers to respond favorably to you. Page 34. 7 rules of proper conduct to make sure you not only keep your job, but set a shining example for those around you. Page 29. 5 ways to spot team shoplifting in action. Page 27. How to be a customer service fanatic. Page 48. The important connection between customer satisfaction and your work ethic. Page 7. How to use a€˜sales talka€™ to your best advantage. Page 44. The clear difference between sales orientation and task orientation. Page 43. Avoiding the cookie cutter approach to customers. Page 38. 13 tips on how to make sure you present a great image to your customers. Page 32. 5 things to do when you encounter a suspected shoplifter. Page 27. 3 statements that will help your customer out of an embarrassing situation. Page 21. Tips on how to handle telephone calls like an expert. Page 24. 11 must doa€™s when it comes to store maintenance standards. Page 26. The 6 steps of the sales process, fully explained. Page 13. Explanations and examples of open ended questions. Page 14. 4 examples of closing statements. Page 17. When to stop trying to overcome the customersa€™ objections, and why. Page 16. The 7 basics of a positive shopping experience. Page 9. 10 ways that you can personally impact the positive shopping experience. Page 10. 2 amazing facts about customer complaints. Page 22. Learn the golden rule of Customer Service and when it does not apply. Page 7. Success tip for learning the basics of the sales process in a comfortable, no anxiety way. Page 17. 6 ways to become an expert in handling multiple customers at the same time. Page 19. The 3 main ways to show customers that you value their time. Page 20. 2 things that must be done, at the check-out, to ensure that you leave a great lasting impression. Page 22. Learn how to know the difference between shoppers who are customers and shoppers who are not. Page 8 And so much more...How to Be a Customer Service Champion DMSRetail, Dianne Miethner, John Callaghan, Matt Parmaks ... majority are intent on letting the poor behavior of a few miserable individuals sour their views on their jobs and the industry altogether.

Title:Retail Customer Service Fundamentals 2nd Edition
Author:DMSRetail, Dianne Miethner, John Callaghan, Matt Parmaks
Publisher:DMSRetail Inc. - 2013-06-29


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